About Us

We are team of highly enthusiastic and talented people developers from Europe.  With use of magic, skills and will  we are producing great looking websites, state of art software solution, covering all major platforms (server, desktop, Web, mobile/tablet)


echnetis is an ICT start-up company from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.Technetis, founded in 2015, employs a team of professional and responsible young people who attend to IT technologies, graphic design, and creation of websites and presentations.
Our policy is honoring deadlines and delivering quality service, while being respectful to our clients.Our vision for the next several years is to reach the top of the IT sector not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also the region, as well as to notably instigate the improvement of IT technology regarding both business and education.

Our goal is to become omnipresent in the worldwide business sector, which is overburdened with low quality outsourcing groups from the USA. The primary focus of Technetics is on nearshoring and developing any project from its initial phase of ideas to its final stages on the market. Our projects speak for us!


We intend not only to merely provide the best services possible for our clients, but also to constantly compete with ourselves in achieving the best results, increase the values and accomplishments and form bonds and partnerships that will raise companies to an entire new level.



Leading Projects

Technetis chooses not to overwhelm you with unnecessary communication in order to allow you to focus on your primary business and entrust the technical expertise to us.


Technetis deals with correspondence and has methods to overpass any troubles, yet takes due diligence in any task, regardless of its amplitude.That is why we are here.

Overdelivering and Outperforming

Technetis assures timely deliveries of high-quality products in respect to the requested outlines.



Technetis is focused on the conveyance of high-quality software solutions, that adhere to the concept of quality assurance, control and total quality management (TQM).