Driving school Ratkovic

Web site available at www.autoskolaratkovic.com


Driving school Ratkovic is located at Karadjordjeva 63 in Laktašima. The driving school premises we train from regulations on traffic safety, training of operating a motor vehicle categories B and C1, and the training of drivers of mopeds, tractors, trolley, working machines and small tractor to check the knowledge of the regulations on road traffic safety. Teaching is done using a projector, a lecture is made by a licensed traffic engineer training from driving a motor vehicle may be made to the vehicle Peugeot 207 (category B), and vehicle Peugeot Boxer (for C1 subcategory).In addition to books for training in the knowledge of the regulations on traffic safety, we only offer the ability to upstart independent verification of knowledge on the internet at our driving school.