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Shop Engineering was founded in beautiful Bozeman, Montana and the principals began working with architects and contractors on projects there as well as in Wyoming and Colorado. After working hard and seeing success from our efforts, we expanded by developing strong and productive work relationships with clients all over the American Southwest in places like Utah, Nevada, and California. Two years after launching, principal engineer and co-founder Josh Gliko opened a small satellite office in San Diego and the Shop Engineering client base has been steadily expanding ever since. Optimizing the synthesis of form, function, and economy is the primary objective of every project that Shop Engineering undertakes.

We pride ourselves on the implementation of a fundamental understanding of the behavior of the materials used in the various residential, commercial, and industrial structures that we design. Quality project management and consulting also play a vital role in our approach to achieving safe, reliable, and fully integrated engineering and design solutions that are aligned with the needs and desires of the clients we serve. We use the latest technology and software to ensure that our work maintains the highest standards in precision and accuracy and we make every effort to look for ways to cut costs and save money while still utilizing the highest quality materials and the most innovative design and engineering techniques in order to deliver a finished product that either meets or, even better, exceeds the expectations of our valuable clients. Simply put, we are a small family doing big work and we love what we do.